A Stunning Petit Facial Deal

This "Petit Facial" with Jessica will leave you relaxed, re-hydrated and rejuvenated from your daily stressors

Petit Facial with Jessica


" Jessica gave me everything I asked of her and expected from my facial as she was very informative about the facial I was receiving and once she finished I noticed that my skin was smooth and glowing"


This facial treatment also includes a specialised hydrating masque that is ideal for preparing your skin prior to a special event, a lunchtime treat or a wind down from a long day when time is short.

The 3 main features of this facial include:
  • Your therapist will apply a specialised masque that will be massaged into your skin, which will help give you the full hydrating benefits of the mask. This will leave you relaxed and re-hydrated
  • While you are lying there relaxed with your masque your therapist will massage any tension and stress away
  • At the end of this Petit facial you be left rejuvenated

Massage Therapy with Jessica

Introducing Your Beauty Therapist Jessica

Massage and Facial Beauty Therapist Jessica

30 Minute Massage

This massages has been designed for someone who is limited in time but needs to relax and unwind.

To really add value to this massage you can add the "Petit Facial" after this service that will give you the 4 R's which are RELAX, RE-HYDRATE, REJUVENATE AND RESTORE.

60 Minute Massage

Get this all over body relaxation massage that will soothe your mind body and soul.

Let's not forget we can add the "Petit Facial" to really top this package off!

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