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6 Reasons To Ditch That Razor or Tweezers

And Get Waxed

Get Finer and Softer Hair

  • Your hair will not grow back as thick as it once did after shaving or plucking.The hairs that grow back are a lot softer and finer..

Diminishes Hair Growth

  • You will notice that your hair will gradually diminish.
  • Repeated treatments may even lead to areas or patches where hair has stopped growing. Particularly around your face and body

Smooth Silky Skin:

  • Removes hair from the roots but also leaves smooth, silky and hair free skin.
  • Usually takes around 3-8 weeks for the growth of new hair although it varies from person to person.

Reduced | No Skin Damage:

  • Waxing does not cause any damage to your skin such as: Cuts, Pigmentation or that awful smelling odor after treatment.

Cost Effective

  • Waxing is the most cost efficient method over longer periods of time. When compared to other techniques such as plucking and tweezing.

Exfoliates your skin

  • Did you know? Waxing rejuvenates skin and removes dead skin cells while removing your hair.

Popular Hair Removal Services For Her

Brazilian Waxing

Waxing hair removal for Brazilian wax or Brazilian waxing
  • Brazilians can be completely customized to your individual needs.
  • You have the option of removing all the hair. leaving you silky smooth or just leaving a line or design.
  • Our clients consider us to be the number one specialists in this area.

Bikini Wax

Bikini  Wax | Bikini Waxing for hair removal
  • Basic technique to remove hair from just outside your bikini line.
  • Usually shaped like the picture about as the treatment is enough to make sure you are bikini ready for summer.

G- String Wax

Waxing hair removal for G - String Wax | G - string waxing or High Bikini
  • G- String Wax is often referred to as a High Bikini by many clients.
  • This treatment is designed to tidy up of the bikini area from the inside and outside of your panties.
  • Simply the perfect solution for any special occasion.

Get silky smooth skin with our waxing treatments, from Brazilians to legs or even your under arms in Christchurch

Silky Smooth Chest

Waxing Packages Man Beauty Therapy Christchurch
Silky Smooth Underarms

Waxing Packages Women Beauty Therapy
Bikini wax to die for

Bikini wax to die for

Client Testimonial | Review

"Accent is awesome because it is located close to the Uni, has plenty of parking and provides student deals which suit me!" The staff there are very experienced, chatty and made me feel welcome!.

Beginners Guide to Leg Waxing

Full Leg Wax

Everything from the top of your thighs (bikini area | line ) to the tip of your toes is waxed with this full leg option

3/4 Leg Wax

3/4 leg waxing is from the toes to mid way up your thighs

Half Leg Wax

Our half leg waxes can simply be from either the feet up to your knees or knees to your bikini line
full leg half leg and 3/4 leg waxing

Other Areas We Can Treat Include:

Facial Hair Removal

Increase your confidence and bring about big changes to your looks. Give your a more youthful look with a facial wax.

Lip Wax

Say goodbye to that visible moustache. We can remove that hair around your lips

Chin Wax

There goes my hairs on my chinny chin chin. Removes everything around your chin area

Ears or Nose

Removes those pesky hairs by your ears and nose

Arm Hair Removal

Kiss that horrible smelling body odor away from those underarms or that overgrown hair on your arms

Under Arms Wax

Removal of unsightly hair and smell from your underarms.

Forearm Waxing

Hairs removed on your forearm

Full Arm Wax

Full arms are waxed leaving them silky smooth

Waxing Packages For All Your Needs

We've bundled our most popular treatments into a single deal, so it will cost you less to get even more!!
  • LIP & CHIN


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